Collect from NCMPL 2017 (WOLC 2017)


The international conference on Logic and Cognition is held once every year since 2001. It is sponsored and organized by Institute of Logic and Cognition, which is one of the key research institutes of humanities and social sciences in Universities affiliated to the Chinese Ministry of Education. The 8th conference will be held in Guangzhou in December 2017. The topic of the conference is Non-classical Modal and Predicate Logics

Aim and Scope

Modalities and predicates have since ancient times been central notions of logic. In the 20th century, various systems of non-classical logics emerged, with applications mainly in Computer Science, but also in many other disciplines such as Linguistics, Mathematics, and Philosophy. Both the theoretical studies and the needs of applications gave rise to the questions of non-classical treatment of quantification and modalities and their accommodation in these non-classical logics. In response, various modal and predicate variants of non-classical logics have been introduced and studied in the past decades. The aim of the conference is to bring together researchers in both pure and applied aspects of various branches of non-classical logics, not only to present recent advances in their particular fields, but mainly foster the exchange of ideas between researchers focusing on (1) separate branches of non-classical logic and (2) foundational and applied issues. We invite submissions on both (a) theoretical topics from all branches of mathematical logic (e.g., proof-theory, model theory, game theory, computational complexity, etc.), as well as (b) their applications in various areas (including computer science, linguistics, mathematics, philosophy, etc.). Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):